Lima Nocturnes

(July - August 2001)

“Lima Nocturnes” is a series of twelve night photographs in color that where shot with a medium format camera in different areas of Lima during the American/European Summer (Peruvian Winter) of 2001. Most of these long exposures were shot in Lima, most of them in quite dangerous areas where no photographer has shot artistic pictures before, because of security issues. It was not easy to take these exposures of an average of 2 minutes in areas of certain districts of Lima, like La Victoria or Callao. I was very interested in the fact of shooting in such kind of spaces, which, especially

at night, are scary, sordid, and –the most exciting factor- usually inaccessible for anybody but, for example, a guarded photojournalist.

This work was done immediately after Suburban Spaces, applying the same technique and format shot in Queens to the Peruvian urban landscape -also at night.

Santiago Bustamante
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