The Theatre of the Streets - Santiago Bustamante

I would call my work “subjective documentary”. I am doing a social document but, at the same time, I am expressing my own thoughts and emotions.

My thesis work is about finding Beauty in the real world. It is also about exploring the human being in the urban environment. It is about capturing the magical quality of the regular people’s every day actions. In my work, I have a humanist interest in the ordinary people and their behavior, their emotions, and the way they deal with their lives.

My thesis is about the theatre of the streets in New York City. The most important element of this spectacle is the quality of the light, which comes from the sun. The light comes across between the buildings, becomes a powerful spotlight, which illuminates the stage and the actors in a dramatic way.

The photographs are portraits of people in urban spaces. Every character wears a “mask” or “costume” that they create in order of “performing” in the real world.

My photographs describe New York City as a scene where the architecture becomes the stage where the actors perform their everyday activities. The reality of the city is seen as a spectacle where the drama is the real life of the citizens. The banality of the everyday life transforms itself in a show of light, colors and shapes. The ordinary becomes extraordinary.

© Santiago Bustamante 2015